HI, I’M Dalida

Dalida Jaafar, started her career as a clinical researcher and then got attracted to sales and the entrepreneurial lifestyle. She moved to medical sales and then started a new career as an insurance agent. Her experience in insurance grew her entrepreneurial mindset and then she became greatly passionate about self-development. She started attending seminars, conferences, workshops, online webinars and reading books.

The turning point in her life was attending Brendon Burchard High-Performance Academy, in Arizona, at that moment she decided she will be a speaker, her mission in life is to motivate people, inspire, and help them achieve what they are capable off. She wanted to help people find themselves the way Brendon Burchard helped her find herself. Then Dalida started a Network Marketing business where she built a team at an incredible speed and became devoted to training, leading and growing other leaders, Inspired greatly by John Maxwell’s leadership books and Jim Rohn’s success secrets and Brendon Burchard’s successful daily habits.

“ It was the biggest reward in my life to be able to inspire people and make them see what they are capable of”

Dalida joined in 2018 John Maxwell team and became certified as a coach trainer and speaker and she also got certified as a DISC behavioral analysis consultant.

Dalida is training and coaching clients across the globe, she is teaching John Maxwell’s resources, and leadership books. She also invested her research experience to develop courses about wellness, successful business habits, and entrepreneurial mindset in addition to sales skills and the mentality of a salesperson.

Dalida is currently working with NGO’s, Private companies, schools, universities, and private coaching clients. She is always having ongoing online masterminds and webinars to be able to reach as many people as possible.