HI, I’M Dalida

Dalida Jaafar, started her career as a clinical researcher and then got attracted to sales and the entrepreneurial lifestyle. She moved to medical sales and then started a new career as an insurance agent then moved to network marketing. With network marketing she discovered her passion and purpose, she became greatly passionate about self-development. She started attending seminars, conferences, workshops, online webinars and reading self growth books, and her mission became helping lead and empower her team to discover their great potential and achieve fulfilled life.

The turning point in her life was attending Brendon Burchard High-Performance Academy, in Arizona, at that moment she decided she wanted to be a professional coach and speaker to expand her influence beyond her team, inspired greatly by John Maxwell’s leadership books and Jim Rohn’s success secrets and Brendon Burchard’s successful daily habits.

“ It was the biggest reward in my life to be able to inspire people and make them see what they are capable of”

Dalida joined in 2018 John Maxwell team and became certified as a coach trainer and speaker and she also got certified as a DISC behavioral analysis consultant.

In 2019, Due to the political events in Lebanon, Dalida decided to move to the United States and start her career over.  It was a hard transition, and it took her sometime to settle and adapt and overcome all the doubts and fear that she faced by this life transition. After 2 years, Dalida by continually working on her self and her own growth, she is currently in the management team with HR Block where she manages several offices, also she is pursuing her passion in coaching, speaking and training to help entrepreneurs, and single moms to discover their true potential and grow their businesses and career to live a fulfilled life.

Dalida’s love to help and support didn’t stop here but she is an active Rotary member and she is club secretary, she is an active member with toastmasters and also recently she started Youth Development Organization  a non-profit organization that empowers and equips youth.